HAMMER: Optimise Facebook Audience Targeting
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"Quickly Create the perfect 

Facebook Audience with HAMMER

That will Drive the right Visitors To Your Funnel
and enable you to Convert Visitors Into Leads
And Then Customers..." 
(in a matter of minutes, don't take our word for it see it for yourself)

❌❌❌ BEFORE ❌❌❌

How does it work

Using Hammer, I was able to reduce my target audience in minutes from being broad ( pic on the left) to a defined audience ( pic on the right).

What does this mean for you?

  1. Your ads will only be shown to the people that matter and have a relevance to the topic of your ad campaign.
  1. Cost Saving of 66% on ad spend - in this example only and will be different in each case. The fact is that you will have a cost-saving!
  2. Higher conversion rate - you only show your ads to relevant people.
  3. Quicker turn around on your ads = faster conversions.
  4. Only get the clicks that you need.
  5. Tested on various categories, here are some examples
    1. Hair
    2. Beauty
    3. Jewellery
    4. Air Conditioning
    5. Dogs
    6. Golf
    7. Resturants
    8. Dentists and Doctors
    9. Online Store products
    10. the list just goes on
  6. Works for all types of ad campaigns.
  7. You are in control

Get starting today

✅✅✅ AFTER ✅✅✅

Hammer Audience Analytics is a application for Digital Marketers and Entrepreneurs.

Hammer was created for people like yourself to have access to better Audience insight from Facebook that Facebook is not showing you today and is keeping it to themselves. Why not use the same data that Large Corporates are using today. Use the same data in your ads and funnels today.

Generate New Leads or Revive those old Funnels

Generate new target audiences within munites from downloading Hammer and generate new leads that you never had and channel them back to your funnel and quickly capture them with your new mad skills.

You will able to Narrow down your Audience to the perfect size in no time and get the perfect Relevance Score and low CPC on your ads.

will enable you to create a more targeted audience
for Facebook ads quickly.

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